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R & G Health and Safety Coaching founder

The new Health Safety at Work Act 2015 requires a dynamic shift of thinking and implementation.

The evidence of the past 12 months has demonstrated that adapting the "Old ways of Health and safety" to meet the intent and outcomes in the new HSWA 2015 have not worked.

Tick box, form driven processes have proved to be of little value in enabling people to return home at the end of a working day – unharmed.

For more than three decades Graham ROPER has been directly involved with Pre Hospital emergency care (Ambulance at the bottom of the cliff) coupled to this:

The latter ten has added experiences related to Psychological illnesses, behavior and treatments that have enabled a unique and more importantly, ability to develop practicable, common sense and achievable results.

A core, evidenced skill of "taking complex, difficult processes and making them simple, practicable and achievable" is at the center of R & G's processes and philosophies. (Top of cliff outcomes)

To achieve this Graham has spent more than three (3) researching the implications and practical applications of the HSWA 2015.

Directly collaborating with key people from across many sectors with the focus on "how to" rather than "Why" is a strength that readily enables positive outcomes.

Consulting, in person with senior personnel from WorkSafe at Head Quarters has enabled a consolidation of understanding regarding implementing the HSWA 2015.

Through implementation across many industry types, of all sizes, It is apparent that "coaching" is the ONLY way of ensuring the objectives of the HSWA can be achieved at the most important – ground level.

Enabling people to achieve positive outcomes is not a process of telling it is well known to be a disabling process. Everyone understanding that they own their own Health and Safety ensures positive outcomes.

The new Act is complex, requires processes that make them achievable and, practicable is required to achievable the cultural shift necessary. This is what R & G Health and Safety Coaching is all about.

Having a HEALTH & SAFETY manual is only the first step!

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