During the HSWA 2015 strategy consultation held in Christchurch recently the message of “The disconnection within WorkSafe and the mixed messages that come from them” was a topic of conversation. Follow this link to hear our General Managers feedback. Another recent farm death highlights the following example of this disconnect. WorkSafe has clarified the acceptable […]

Last week it was reported that employees of government agency – Housing New Zealand – had raised concerns with management reporting workplace bullying and that those concerns had been brushed off.: https://bit.ly/2soRzmg WorkSafe did not investigate, saying it did not consider the death to be “notifiable”. To me this continues the trend of WorkSafe ignoring […]

Forestry Over the summer, Worksafe have noticed an increase in their notifications of serious incidents where forestry machinery has lost stability on slopes causing serious injuries and facilities. Follow this link to learn what is occuring in investigations, comments from WorkSafe and Duties expected of all forestry operators. Logging WorkSafe have also made an announcement […]

Article by Roya Gorjifard Fire is a chemical reaction that needs three essential elements to happen, called the  “Fire Triangle”. Heat – Ignition source includes everything that produces heat or spark such as heaters, naked flames, smokers’ materials (cigarettes, matches, etc.) Fuel – Burning substances or fuel such as paper, furniture, plastic, loose packing materials, […]