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Health and Safety

We Coach you and your staff
to ensure ALL health and safety objectives.
are achieved under ONE umbrella

What is Health and Safety Coaching?

Coaching is defined as:

"A method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve a goal or develop specific skills."


It is clear that old models of consultancy (telling) have not had the desired effect of reducing Injuries in the workplace. * Coaching is a process of engagement where all participants understand their roles and responsibilities.

A Coach is mostly on the slide lines, monitoring performance, developing strategies with the team and its 'captain's' to achieve a defined outcome.

  • Coach is not the doer, but a conduit for achievement.

  • A Coach knows ALL the rules and how to apply them to achieve outcomes

  • A Coach understands the participants, strengths and weakness that enable positive outcomes.

  • A Coach enables ownership of processes by ALL participants.

  • A Coach is available to assist when "things don't go to plan" to support participants to either adapt the plan or change the plan to achieve the desired outcome.

To achieve required Health and Safety outcomes requires ownership, understanding, and engagement by ALL participants.

Document production and telling processes have proven to be ineffective in achieving the outcome ALL participants want*… to leave work at the end of a working day …. Un-armed.

(*WorkSafe NZ – statistical data)