Quadbikes are NOT a Hazard

Quadbikes are NOT a Hazard

Quadbikes are no more dangerous than a BBQ or a child’s swing.

When will people stop blaming quadbikes for the continued tragedy that involves them?

The new Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) is designed to reduce the appalling rate of injury and death while at work.

What we are experiencing though, is more of the same rhetoric: The Blame Game. Let’s make a rule and document that will do everything and anything… except for focusing on the actual cause!

The absolute fact is, just like a quadbike, the ONLY way to prevent serious harm is to focus on the person.

If a person uses a quadbike, BBQ or child’s swing in a way that it’s not meant to be, it’s the tools to a tragedy!

The HSWA has a focus on Risk. The risk in the workplace that can be influenced the most is people.

So, focus on the risk, enable and encourage a behavioural change from ‘those quadbikes are bloody dangerous’ to ‘I (yes, you) need to ride with more care’.

It will only be through a shift in acknowledging who the risk is, that our tragic death tolls will decrease.

A change in thinking is the only way that people will be able to provide more effective means of responding to an incident, as they know a person is involved, and something tragic may have happened while using a tool of the workplace.

In a later news release, WorkSafe has clarified the acceptable circumstances to carry passengers on quadbikes.

Given that it is the user who creates the risk, to create a loophole big enough to drive through, there can only be one outcome… continued serious harm and death while on quadbikes.

This is a very dangerous precedent to all aspects of managing risk.

Confusion? What confusion?

The S.O.P./Operators instructions are clear – NO PASSENGERS!

Why can a lack of planning constitute an emergency in this case?

The facts are clear: a person operating a quad bike (in this case) outside of safe operational, defined limits KILLS PEOPLE!

Contact Graham Roper Here to change the behaviour of staff towards risk!

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