It Almost Alway “Boils Back to Lack of Communication”

It Almost Always “Boils Back to Lack of Communication.”

Asked if it was common for organisations to run into strife with staff, Mr Farrow said he probably had a “warped perspective” from being called in whenever things went off the rails. Boards were responsible for employee Health and Safety and could be held personally liable.

Sarah Simmers, a partner at Anderson Lloyd, said it was no longer possible to delegate overall responsibility for Health and Safety.

“You can’t turn a blind eye to Health and Safety … The buck can still stop with the board.”

Would-be Volunteer directors should know what they are taking on, she said.

“There are some really good courses run, like by the Institute of directors, about the governance of not-for-profits.”

“It’s not just a passive volunteer role, helping out and being nice, it’s taking on a raft of responsibilities when you step into that role.”

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